Thursday, 15 December 2011

Day 98 – 12.7.2011 A wonderful day at Ziwa Rhino

Before we drive further through Uganda, we have one day off in Ziwa Rhino and a three-course meal in the evening, which is a real highlight, it is very good and the young cook a fantastic artist.

At a huge fire on the campsite, we end the evening under a full moon. The management of Ziwa Rhino sancturay comes from South Africa, you know it immediately. The fire is a real hell-fire. The White Rhinos are guarded day and night of the Rhino-rangers, each animal has its own security service!

Unfortunately, we see none of the animals near the camp site, but we've already seen soooo many Rhinos, at last, even the still rarer Black Rhino in the Masai Mara. For a rhino tracking on foot but then we are too lazy.

29 ° and sunny
Camping U.S. $ 10 in Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary in Nakitoma, 3-course menu $ 20 pp

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