Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Day 97 – 11.7.2011 Eco in Kampala?

As quick as possible we pack and leave Red Chilli. 

We drive to Kampala Hostel, here they are busy building. The entrance area and the bar look good, the camp site is green and big, but are we really lucky? Then I look at the toilets and I quite have a stroke, there are two for all guests, some so called eco toilets. The eco toilets are nothing more than ordinary toilets that function normally with flushing, but instead flushing you get a small bucket with water and the whole thing is declared to be eco. It smells like hell.

We give up and decide to leave Kampala and head to Ziwa Rhino, our next stop. It's also only 2o’clock. Quick an expensive purchase at Shoprite and we get out of town. Fortunately, the roads are good in Uganda and in 2 hours we are at the Rhino Sanctuary, where the in the 70s of last century extinct rhinos are reintroduced to Uganda.

The facility is beautiful, everywhere there is green and lush, we're alone at the campsite, which is secured with an electric fence, let's see if we can see a Rhino? After all we have a tame crown crane and and a beautiful African Bambi at the campsite.

20 km, 4 hrs, 28 ° and sunny
U.S. $ 10 in Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary in Nakitoma

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