Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Day 96 – 10.7.2011 Kampala - dream or nightmare?

For 92
kilometers, we need 3 hours, we are in a terrible traffic jam in Kampala. The Red Chili, one of two camping opportunities in Uganda's capital, it is full, but heck, we squeeze on the parking lot, it's only for one night.

A friendly bartender gives me, even though it is Sunday, a phone number, a computer expert repairs me one of the two broken laptops, by making one out of two. That was the plan as we bought two of the same make…..

The Red Chili is under new management, the manager an idiot, that accomodation is the worst of the whole trip, there is a devastating tone and guests were even robbed when arriving in mini-buses in front of the door. The staff is although very helpful.

The laptop is repaired, but I can’t us it, electricity is rationed. The manager! Well we will leave tomorrow and spread the word.

92 km, 3 hr 31 °, muggy overcast,
USH 20 000 in Red Chillie, Kampala

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