Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Day 95 – 9.7.2011 To Uganda!

We set off early after a good breakfast at Macedonia Resort Club and head directly to the border at Busia, after one and a half hours we are through, the only problem we have is purchasing the Third Party Insurance, they have it only for 4 months, it costs about 110 U.S. $ or 12,000 KSH, which I had to get back at Busia in Kenya at the ATM, including a bicycle transport. On the Ugandan side, it looks not different than on the Kenyan, the roads are only slightly better.

In Jinja we are at 2 o’ clock, we eat in the famous Chinese Restaurant LingLing, its not great at all. There is no real supermarket in Jinja, in an Indian store I purchase a loaf of bread and some cookies. The bread is better than expected.

Then we drive up the White Nile to the Bujagali Falls, you don’t see much. We stay in the much-lauded Haven, we manage to discuss the price of U.S. $ 12 per person down to U.S. $ 7.

The beautifully designed showers are either boiling hot or freezing cold, the staff is loud, even at night at 12 they walk across the Lodge grounds, debating loudly. That is Ugandas best Lodge?

354 km, 7 hrs, 28 ° Partly Cloudy
USH 36 000 at the Haven, Jinja

: Uganda, Kenya, Macedonia Club Resort, Jinja, China Restaurant LingLing, White Nile, Haven, Bujagali Falls

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