Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Day 94 - 8.7.2011 Good by Masai Mara - Hello Lake Victoria

After a furious sunrise over the Mara Triangle, we pack up quickly and make another game drive to the Mara Serena Lodge, we still have a half day in the park. A Ranger parks on a slope close to some lions, but when we are up there, the two males are gone, whether these were the troublemakers from tonight?

Then we see a rare Oribi and a few elephants, topi anyway. The male lion of yesterdays small rpide is patrolling alone beneath the Mara Serena Lodge, his females are far away and sleep under a bush doing digestion.

A jackal chews on his prey, the head of a Thomson's gazelle, which he then carries around yet photogenic. Then we must unfortunately continue, the clock is ticking. After a quick breakfast at the Mara River and another picture of the escarpment we jet off to Uganda.

At the gate a ranger tells us the “shortest” way up onto Escarpment, a mud track of 30 km. 50 cm deep water pools on the road make the driving very slow. Only from Kilgoris the route is paved. We reach Kisumu on Lake Victoria, there is no campsite and we take a room in Macedonia Resort Club. We eat out at Kiboko Resort and sit at the Lake Victoria, enjoy Beef Schnitzel and Chicken Cordon Bleu. Hippo's neither here nor at the Hippo Point but heck, we've already seen soooo many hippos. Tomorrow we will leave Kenya.

265 km, 9 hrs, 28 °, sunny, cloudy,
4500 KSH (including breakfast) in Macedonia Resort Club, Kisumu

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