Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Day 93 – 7.7.2011 Into the Mara Triangle – the Mara Conservancy

So far, we were twice on the eastern side of the Mara River, had already seen one crossing and enjoyed the fantastic scenery of the Siria Escarpment, now we want to camp there. The road through the Conservancy is anyway in direction to Uganda, so we pack our bags and head a last time to the Talek Gate. Goodby Aruba Mara Camp.

The day begins with hyenas, in the meantime we know the family on the “main road” almost by name, then we discover two cheetahs relaxing. It seems to be a couple. The two are just lying around, we proceed and make a small detour through the hills, let's see if we find the lions of yesterday? In the Mara you are pretty lost without GPS, but fortunately we have tracked all the sightings, and with luck we find the carcasses, but no lions. Today it is again very hazy and you can hardly see the landmarks in the distance, only hills, hills, hills. The computer is still broken. God thanks we have the Garmin to get any direction. There are NO signs.

On the next hill we see some minibuses and we naturally go to that direction and see - cheetahs! And there are again the 7, they are on the hunt in our direction, a warthog family has it done to them. The minibuses take the race course over the hills and dale behind the cats. The hunting is a failure, but we have the best pictures.

On the way to the Mara bridge, we stop at a huge herd of buffaloes, so it's after 11, until we are at the border of the Conservancy.

Well, a quick breakfast behind the bridge and off we go. A ranger shows us a small pride of lions under a tree, a pasha and two lionesses kip in the shade, next to it is a water hole. A topi stands as guard. We let the three sleep and drive back to the Mara river. Only a couple of hippos and a lone croc are lying around on the shore. OK, than to Oloololo gate. What a luck, we spott another black rhino, we have never seen one since we are in Africa and now we see two in 24 hours.

At the Oloololo gate we pay for the day and the campsite. The view over the plains from the campsite is breathtaking. We are alone. Unfortunately the weather chanmges, it even rains and  the evening drive is very short.

By 9 o’clock we hear a loud rumbling nearby, two male lions compete, so we quickly disappear in the tent, it is not very cozy after the rain. The lions keep on roaring very near by. An adequate farewell from the African bush.

115 km, 5 hrs, 28°, sunny and rain
U.S. $ 60 for the Oloololo Public Camp Site, Mara Conservancy
Park fees U.S. $ 140 and 400 KSH for the car

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