Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Day 92 – 6.7.2011 Who needs a leopard if he can get hyenas?

Very late, after 7 clock we go through the Talek Gate, we go despite the rain last night, the migration is too exciting. Rita goes with us, we know her already from Tanzania and we have met her here again two days ago.

At the very beginning we are lucky, students of the Michigan State University have darted a young hyena and examine her, we are allowed to go there and they explain everything and we may even touch the animal. WOW. The young students work here as part of  a long-term research program of the university. The hyenas are well known and studied since many, many years.

A little later we again have incredible luck, we discover a black rhino, without any fear the imposant bull is nibbling grasses and leaves, our first ever black rhino, Rita brings us luck!

On the road to Keekerok we meet another one of the huge lionesses, she is hunting alone, her victim is clear, a herd of wildebeest, which comes down from the Sand River. There shall be also a leopard nearby, but we do not find him, but you can not have everything. We drive back to the Talek River, not without a break for lunch under a tree, surrounded by zebras and wildebeest.

On the road again we find the usual suspects, elephants giraffe, eland, wildebeest, zebra, marabou and vultures. After having reached Talek River, zebra and wildebeest now cross the river at the so-called crossings. We follow the river, stop at the hippo point, later we come to a place where three lionesses wait at such a crossing, a mother with her adault daughters. Again a huge lioness. Again no male to see. Ok they do not really wait, they sleep and hang around.

It is clear there won’t happen much this afternoon, the wildebeest and zebras still do have enough food on our side and they sense the danger. The young lionesses trot to their mother, lolling in the shade, only 2 meters away from our hood. They deliver a great show.

We are already on the way home, suddenly the 7 cheetahs appear on the main road. There are 30 minibuses, we are in the rangers area, and nobody dares to go offroad, everything is stacked on the roadside, the cheetahs make an attempt to an eland herd, unfortunately, they fail. The kittens are now on the track, they are little bit shy, but they are interested in the cars and suddenly one sits on the bonnet of a car full with locals, seconds before someone even looked out the sunroof, now the giant paw of the cheetah is splashing into. The people look quite pale, so Africa is not for sissies, also not for locals. Seconds later, the sliding roof is closed, now two cheetahs are on that – giant can?

Overwhelmed with many new impressions we go back to Aruba Mara Camp, tomorrow we must continue our journey, so we have a farewell party at the camp fire. While Rita is flying to Zanzibar, we head deep into Mara Triangle, to the Conservancy side, to spend one last night out in the wilderness of Kenya.

85 km, 11 h, 33 °, sunny
900 KSH in Aruba Mara Camp, Talek, Masai Mara
Park fees $ 160 U.S., 400 KSH for the car

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