Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Day 89 – 3.7.2011 Cats and hyenas in the land of milk and honey

We are earlier than yesterday, just give our money to someone at the gate, the guy will give us the permit later, now we are well known, there are not many cars on the road, actually a Landy is on its way in front of us, that's it. The Lodge cars don’t get in the park before 7.

Shortly after Sunset a hyena family is approaching a lion's dinner last night, the wildebeest migration is only 4 km away from Talek. The hyenas are fat, really fat.

A little further a bunch minibuses shows that there is something to see. On a hill lion and lioness have settled for mating, they rather slow down with their business, but it is a nice guy with a flowing blond mane and a few photos worth.

We find lion family Nr. 2 of yesterday, all around, where yesterday stood some 1 meter tall grass is all eaten and the wildebeest carcasses pile up. Situated next to the track to a young male is laying on a half eaten wildebeest carcass and although there is a good sight, even large buses drive around him, although that is prohibited here in the Mara National Reserve. But we are out of the Rangers area and there is nobody stopping them.

The wildebeest are crossing at a small riverbed, they are anxious. The hills are full with hundreds and thousands of wildebeest.
Gnu, gnu, gnu. We are looking for a tree to eat a late breakfast. All around us moo wildebeest. The elephants probably emigrated for the time of migration?

In the afternoon we are back at the lion family No. 2, the carcass is picked clean, the vultures have taken command, we see even the rare white headed vultures and we are all alone, the lions are lazing in the bushes. A little further we find the honeymoon couple again, and here we are also alone, the mini bus drivers and their impatient guests have probably lost interest to wait three quarters of an hour between two acts of love. About noon we are still traveling alone.

On the way home we find the three cheetah brothers again, one of them unfortunatly has been killed until I have time to write this report, very sad. The cheetahs are again close to the lions, all predators only wait until they stumble on a wildebeest. This is the cats paradise.

Back at the hyena den the family is back on the road, the wildebeest are now distributed throughout the plane, within a day, the migration reached Talek.

118 km, 12 hrs, 33 degrees, sunny
900 KSH in Aruba Mara Camp, Talek, Masai Mara
Admission $ 160 U.S., 400 KSH for the car

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