Monday, 5 December 2011

Day 84 - 28.6.2011 Samburu - the Chocolate River

We start early in rain and fog and manage to get out of Nairobi before the usual morning traffic jam. We pass the Aberdares the second time, this time on the eastern side, here in over 2000 m height it is hazy, cold and so we will probably not visit this park.

At 10 o'clock we cross the equator, quickly take a photo, we refuse the obligatory test with the water bowl, the lad is disappointed, he'll find other tourists today, where he can explain the Coriolis force.

Two hours later we are at the gate to the Samburu National Reserve, pay quickly and drive  to the Ewasi Ngiro, the so called chocolate river. The earth seems to be chocolate brown and colours not only the river but also the elephants in a pleasant coloration. Soon we discover the first of these mouth-watering animals, they are really dark brown.

Oryx, gerenuks, impala, giraffe, waterbuck and Thomson's gazelles cavort on the river, the road leads to the campsite along the river and we see giraffes crossing the river, elephants drinking and playing. The park is very dry, as the whole of Kenya beyond the equator. What a difference to Tsavo, where it was very green along the river.

There are many animals to see, the warthogs are bold and at the end before we put up the tent, we discover some of the bright blue Kenya guinea fowls.

The camp is on the chocolate river is a dream, just the aggressive baboons tarnish the image a little and we build up our tent after it gets dark and the troublemakers have moved back into the trees.

355 km, 6.5 hr, 30 fog, hot, humid,
$ 40 at the Public Campsite of the Samburu National Reserves in the Ewaso River Ngiro 120 U.S. $ park fee and 1000 KSH for the car

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Highlight Gallery (27.6. and 28.6.2011)

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