Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Day 110 – 24.7.2011 One last day in the bush of Tanzania

During the last two days we had enough opportunity to discuss on what route and in what time frame we go back home to Cape Town.

First, we decide to drive across Malawi, we have about R 3000 in Malawi Kwacha and we do not need to pay anything for the visas in Malawi, visas
in Zambia would cost 100 U.S. $. There are fuel shortages in Malawi, but we can drive through the country without refueling.

That was easy, then we must decide at what pace we go.
Do we go through in a week or do we still stop somewhere for sightseeing? After all the disasters, we actually want to go home.

Today we spend some last time cruising through the Ruaha National Park, at half past 11, we go out of the park, we take the "Never ending Road to Iringa", along the road there is a new church every few kilometers, I stop counting at 12 churches (before Iringa!). Soon we are at Kisolanza Old Farm House, which we already know.
Tomorrow morning we will leave early and so we go to bed early.

218 km in 8 hours, 30 degrees hot, 12 ° at night
TSH in the 15 000 ** Kisolanza Old Farmhouse

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