Sunday, 18 December 2011

Day 109 – 23.7.2011 Birds, lions and birds at the Ruaha River

We drive from Mdonya Camp to the Ruaha River, there we are alone and have a great view at the Ruaha River. Birds, birds, birds. Above all, Saddle Billed Storcks, I can count up to 20 birds at one time. We have such a great sunrise. The Lions are no longer at the water hole, but it was pretty clear. Well, they can lie behind the next bush and we do not see them. It is so dry that even the euphorbias grow in the baobab.

Arrived at the New Public Campsite Nr. 1, we quickly wash some laundry, put our table and chairs out to mark our “territory” and drive off along the river. There is an abundance of giraffe, impala, elephants and birds. African Fish Eagle are sitting on every corner. Lions roam through the river bed. A paradise. A Kingfisher plunges down the water's edge, a pair of White Crowned Plover coo loud on the shore. We are alone one the road.

Around noon, we find three lions having fun at the edge of the river, a lioness and a male are flirting, another, younger male is sleeping close by. The youngster comes a little too close to the older, he catches a splash on the ear. Then they just do nothing and go back to sleep.

The lions are full of flies. Nearby a couple of jackals hangs around. Surely there's more below on the river bank and ther’s surely a lion kill, but unfortunately we can not see it. After one hour watching the trio, we drive back, there are birds, birds, birds.

The sunset is gorgeous.

The neighbours, a tour group camping right under the sleeping tree of a giant baboon herd, we can see them waiting at the river, as its getting dark. Wildlife TV! The animals are clearly in conflict, after half an hour, they give up and move across the river, the loud tour group has not noticed anything. But in the night, the negligence of the tour guide takes revenge after all. A hyena steals them a box full of food. Tanzania's just no Disney World.

90 km, 30°, hot, humid
$ 60 for the Public Camp Site No. 1 at Ruaha National Park,
$ 40 to park entrance for us, $ 40 for the car.

Ruaha National Park, Mdonya Camp Site, Ruaha Old Camp Site No. 1, Ruaha New Campsite Nr. 1, Iringa, Tanzania