Sunday, 18 December 2011

Day 108 – 22.7.2011 From Baobab Valley Camp into Ruaha National Park

With heavy hearts we leave the valley and make a short shopping stop in Iringa before we turn right to the Ruaha National Park, we look forward to getting back to see animals.

We book the new Public Campsite No. 2, it lies on Mdonya Riverbed, which is unfortunately dry. On the map of the park it is not well marked, but we find it anyway. The campsite is beautiful with huge old trees, shady and there is a caretaker of TANAPA.

The camp site is already well populated, a group of South Africans, Belgians and Americans is armed with long lenses. In the vicinity there is a small water hole, they tell us there would reside a lion family. See you there!

In fact, we find the family, two lionesses, a male lion and 7 pups are hidden in the bushes. Extremely unphotogenic! We look at the comings and goings of many safari trucks and continue then, the cubs are indeed sweet, but there is so little space to stand, that we have only a few minutes for photos before the next vehicle comes behind us.
Too bad
. Maybe tomorrow morning?

We are tired and drive back to camp, after a quick dinner, we sit at the high fire and enjoy a night in the open, not fenced nature. Soon we will have to get away from Tanzania.

271 km in 8 hours, 32 °, hot, sunny
$ 60 for the Public Camp Site No. 2 (Mdonya) in Ruaha National Park,
$ 40 to park entrance for us, $ 40 for the car.

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