Saturday, 17 December 2011

Day 106 – 20.7.2011 The TanSwiss Lodge

After a long day of driving we reach Mikumi and book us in at Tan Swiss Lodge, which is, as the name says, under Tanzanian-Swiss management. After putting up tent and a good, hot shower, we treat ourselves with a delicious dinner, prawn cocktail, tomato and mozzarella salad and beef steak with garlic.

It is no longer as hot as in Dar es Salaam and not as cold as in Nairobi, just perfect. The last 50 km through the Mikumi National Park were tiring, it was already dark and the park administration has laid out
some new bumpers every few kilometers. They are probably urgently needed, just before Mikumi we saw a burning bus at the roadside. The bus drivers drive crazy in Tanzania, whether day or night.

320 km, 9 hrs, 29 °
10 U.S. $ in the TanSwiss Lodge, Mikumi

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