Saturday, 17 December 2011

Day 104 – 18.7.2011 At Kipepeo Camp in Dar es Salaam

On well-known paths we drive from Honey Badger Camp in Moshi to Dar es Salaam, passing again the Kilimanjaro (without seeing him), the Pare Mountains and the Usambara Mountains. Past countless sisal fields, many of them newly created, sisal seems well to come back into fashion. When we were last here in 2099, the old, formerly most German sisal plantations, had fallen.

From Chalinze to Dar we forward only slowly, the last kilometers to the ferry over to Magogoni Kigamboni to the South Beach it is criminal. Two hours for 4 km, thank you. by 8 o’clock we are finally in the camp, have pitched the tent and some food on the table in front of us. It's muggy and warm, still over 25°, a temperature shock.

The moon shines brightly over the Kipepeo Camp, the ocean roars, and we dead tired after a long day on the road.

572 km, 12 hours, 32 °, humid
15 500 TSH at Kipepeo Camp, Dar es Salaam

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