Saturday, 17 December 2011

Day 103 - 17.07.2011 Snow at Mount Kilimanjaro

That was f … ing cold in Nairobi, 5 °, we are glad that we have our thick (-10°) sleeping bag. The shower is hot in the morning, but its no fun coming out of it whith that outside temperature. Let's get out here!

Well it's Sunday, we are quickly out of Nairobi. Just before the border into Tanzania at the height of the Amboseli National Park, the ice-covered peak of Mount Kilimanjaro appears out of the nothingness. Finally after three years, three times Tanzania, two times Kenya, we have seen it. We briefly discuss whether we should go back to Amboseli, but then let it be.

At Namanga at the Kenyan border, we purchase the necessary insurance for Tanzania, here it is 15,000 TSh more expensive than it was on the other side of Tanzania at the Unity 1, but we want to drive on. Driving without insurance in Tanzania is too risky and even Sunday right after the border we are promptly stopped by a traffic control. Lucked out.

In Moshi we see still the Kilimanjaro flashing out from the clouds. At Honey Badger Camp, we are again alone at the campsite, we are housed in a cool, green garden, we camp with some huge leopard tortoises.

369 km, 8 hrs, 25 ° and sunny
$ 10 at Honey Badger Camp, Moshi

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