Thursday, 15 December 2011

Day 101 – 15.7.2011 Cheese paradise Eldoret

Good thing
we have not moved on yesterday, we would have been driving deep into the night. We need nine hours for 377 kilometers from Kampala to Eldoret. With regret we left Uganda already after 6 days. After all, we do it before 17 o’clock to Eldoret, where we just run into a small cheese factory, we founf on the tracks for Africa maps.

We got to try eight varieties of cheese and buy eventually four varieties, + - 1 kilo. Someone who lived long in Africa, will understand that, in the few supermarkets tasteless cheeses are expensive and local or tasteful, extremely expensive and imported.

A few kilometers behind Eledoret lies the Naiberei River Camp, an institition in the traveller community. Situated on the River Naiberi it has a cave-like restaurant serving delicious meals for little money.

In the middle of the cave, an open fireplace adds a little heat, friendly staff makes us realize that we are back in Kenya. We enjoy sweet and sour pork and beef chili sitting near the fire, then go early to bed, it's damn cold here.

377 km in 9 hours, 30°, cloudy, night 9 °
1000 TSH on the Lower Camp Site in Naiberi River camp near Eldoret

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