Thursday, 29 September 2011

Day 79 – 23.6.2011 Tsavo West National Park

Well, that was a bit of a letdown, we only saw four elephants throughout the day. The guide book says that the western part of the park is better to see the animals, easier accessible and much more interesting than the Tsavo East National Park. Ok lets see.....

On a bad road we travel some times from the Mtito Andei Gate to the Chyulu Gate, there we have breakfast and take a look at Public Campsite and at the Sheitani Lava Flow. We may want to camp there one night.

After breakfast at the gate, we explore Mzima Springs, where most of Mombasas drinking water comes from. The underwater Hide is quite nice, 5 Hippos can be seen in the distance, nothing much interesting. Self-sustaining tourista seems to be rare here, we can only eat out of the lunch box, it is not it a real picnic spot.

Two bridges on Tsavo River are broken, which means we are only limited to the places where one would almost expect wildlife. But it is always late and we are hungry. Apart from us, we see almost no other tourists. On the way to the Rhino enclosure we discover a new species, Beisa Oryx, which are slightly smaller than our South African Oryx and have funny pompoms on the ears. We will see more rare species like Rothschild giraffes, Southern Ground Hornbills and a Bateleur Eagle.

As the miles drag on, we have only half an hour to discover the Rhino Sanctuary, no chance to see Black Rhinos. That works, of course not, and so Beisa Oryx and the Rothschild giraffes are the only highlights of the day. On Tembo Peak we discover climbing elephants and a bright blue Kenya Guinea Fowl in the end of the day.

At 6 o'clock we are back outside again and eat in the Taleh hotel, the inevitable spaghetti bolognese and chicken with rice. All in all there were quite a lot of animals, but nowhere was enough time to look, because there are so many miles to drive and so we are quick to agree that we will change the next day to Tsavo East National Park.

193 km, 12 hrs, 32 ° overcast, humid
1000 KSH in Taleh Guest House, Mtito Andei
Admission to U.S. $ 100, and 300 for the car KSH

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