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Day 76 – 20.6.2011 Elephants at Amboseli - Maasai School - Children and Elephants in the dust

A few minutes after 6 o'clock we are greeted by a magnificent Martial Eagle, he perches near the camp on a tree. On Isinet Causeway is nothing going on for now, but behind the airfield, we discover a hyena family, the mother has two cubs, one female and one male.

We observe a test hunt of the two cubs, but the wildebeest suspects the trap and turns off, too bad.

The two young animals, one can well see the size differences among the two. Hyenas are linving matriarchal and the daughters grow much bigger. They have the better food, better teat, the son is much smaller and thinner.

We have agreed on a school visit at the Amboseli School a school privately organized by the Maasai. Thomas picks us up at 10 o'clock, in traditional Maasai clothing.  First we must viosit the village and we are greeted with a welcome dance at the village entrance. Then we visit the Dorfkral, the cattle kraal, and finally the Amboseli school, in the tiny building are no fewer than 80 children from four kraals.

While the older children sharing the school, the kindergarden aged children sit on the dusty, dirty floor, the faces are smeared with dust, lots of them are coughing, no wonder. The government spends not a cent, the Maasai community pays the teachers, the school. The fence around it, as a protection against lions and elephants, was paid for by donations. We also give some money, the kids have sing a few songs before we leave.

The evening drive brought us back to some elephants, this time directly on the Isinet Causeway, before and behind the cars Ellies crawl up the slope, after they have standing in the swamp up to their bellies and satisfied their hunger. A little further stands another family of elephants, the animals are very affectionate to each other here. The smallest, it is perhaps a half years old, is lovingly cared for, even the older touch it several times, it looks as if they whisper in their ears.

Today we are late back in camp, take a quick dinner, a brief chat with Thomas about the vsit in the kraal, then off to bed.

82 km, 4 hrs, 29 °, cloudy, humid
KSH 1000 at the Amboseli Community Camp Site, Amboseli National Park

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