Sunday, 25 September 2011

Day 75 – 19.06.2011 Amboseli – Second try!

By 4 o'clock we leave the Jungle Junction Camp. It is Sunday morning and despite the early time there is already a lot of traffic on the A 104, which leads us out of Nairobi and on to the Amboseli National Park.

At the Jungle Junction Camp, we got the tip to go to the Community Camp Site in the Amboseli National Park. It is located at the park border the park, but costs only a part of the KWS camp sites.
At 8:30 we are in the park, pay the entrance fee for two days and at 8:40 we are in it.

First we drive many kilometers across the dry Lake Amboseli, dust and bones form the picture, mirages in the distance before us reflect water areas, where only a dry plain extends. Slowly we see the first animals, zebras, wildebeests, elephants.

On Enkongo Narok Swamp we stay for a while and watch a family of elephants drinking before we head to the Isinet Causeway to go to the campsite, we are warmly greeted by Thomas. Quickly we pitch up the tent and then make breakfast.

We take a campsite right on the fence of the camp, let's see if we can get to watch something? In the hammocks, we get a little sleep until 2 o'clock, than we go back to the park on a game drive.
That's pretty early for an evening drive, but the light is bad and it will be soon dark.

At the Isinet Causeway we catch a Giant Heron on the hunt. He has just caught a fish and it must now bring it straight so he can devour it in one piece and that's not as easy. We are in the middle of the Causeway and look with fascination at the large bird.

He spears the fish several times, sometimes with the upper and some times with its lower beak part. When the fish stops moving then he turns it around, so that he can eat his prey head first, very quick, he's gone. That was fast.

We drive along the Swamp, we do not go far, one kilometer later we meet a family of elephants with young animals, that's always fun and never boring.

After the family has been drinking, the are playing and dust bathing at the roadside.
All around us are elephants. A few youngsters fight each other. The little run behind the others, communicate with the big ones. They even throw themselves in the freshly poured curb and into the dust wallows there, one even takes a shower of dust. Then the elephants walk away, we also know its time for us to got to the camp for dinner. The day was long and we are tired. With the howling of the hyenas we go to bed, the starry sky can be seen clearly, although it was an overcast all day, probably the next day we get lucky and can see the Kilimanjaro?

258 km, 7 hrs, 27 °, cloudy, humid
KSH 1000 at the Amboseli Community Camp Site, Amboseli National Park

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