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Day 68 – 12.6.2011 Pelicans and Buffaloes at Lake Nakuru

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In the still damp morning fog, we pack up, the destination is Lake Elementeita. If the weather is better, we will visit the Hells Gate National Park on our way back.
After one and a half hours we arrive at Lake Elementeita, a soda lake inhabited by flamingos, it also provides hot springs. We drive to Flamingo Camp, the locals show us the way. The road isn’t much used, there are no car tracks, bad signs! Arrived at the lake we find the beautifully located camp, but there is no one and as after 20 minutes no one shows up we go back to A 104, though with great regret, because the location was fantastic, but if no one is there? 

The weather is better now and so we head to Lake Nakuru National Park, one of the premium parks in Kenya.
Today is Sunday and the gate is “High Life”. Without much hope of solitude we book the Makalia Falls camp site at the other end of the Lake Nakuru National Park, it costs us $ 170 U.S. $, including Camping. Yes there is a shower and running water, no question, I get to hear snippy.

Shortly before 12 we go in there and head for the near by sutuated Acacia picnic site for breakfast. The first loop then leads directly to the lake, not hundreds, thousands of pelicans live there, buffaloes are lying in the mud on the banks or directly in the soda water, a little further we spot thousands of flamingos.

After a pelican and buffalo in the mud photo session, we head towards Makalia Falls camp site. We see many zebras, storks (White Stork, Spoon Billed, Yellow Billed, Saddle Billed Stork), Hammerkops and Egrets, Herons and Lapwings, the Nakuru National Park is a bird paradise.

A short time later we spot the first White Rhinos in the bushes, with luck we may even see Black Rhinos. On Baboon Cliff, we make a short photo stop, an Asian tourist is feeding a baboon with her hand, whether the woman knows well that his fangs are longer and sharper as a lion?

Again we see some white rhinos, we come to a total of five. We already make plans to stay a day longer as the sky itself tightens and a violent storm begins to rage. Great. Then it suddenly makes a loud noise, no, we are not struck by lightning, but the only a few days previous built in shock absorber simply popped out. We take him out in the rain, hopefully the lions have no desire for a walk.

The removal is quite good, but it is clear the shock absorber cutted one of the Rubber Boots. Provisionally, means the African way we repaire it, wrapping it with plastic wrap and secureing it with cable ties. Without the shock absorber, we continue to creep, it is 3 o’ clock, of course, it has stopped raining, a few meters further, we discover a single lioness. Shes yawning. Did she see us?

Through a huge herd of buffalo we drive to the camp site, which is besieged by more than 100 baboons, we are not alone.
But alone with the baboons. We will set up tent and make a good fire. From the tap, theres coming NO water. There are two modern Baboon prooved cocks and three showers, but they are dirty. We use our own drinking water to wash ourselves, the sun slowly goes down and it is fresh.

After another heavy rain at least the Baboons have disappeared. The fire still burns, but there is only a cold supper. As it goes dark on the hill behind us something moves, in the last evening light  the buffaloes pass by. They are at the campsite, standing we are amazed with our drinks on the bullbar and 100 or more buffalo spread before us on the lawn, they are not more than 10 meters away, eat, chase each other, we see only their sihluettes. It is fascinating to watch the spectacle. The buffalo to move slowly down the waterfall. Eventually they are gone, without recognising us, it's quiet again and we go to bed, the Lake Nakuru National Park is indeed something special.  

Km149, 6 hours, 23 ° and sunny rain
$ 50 at the Makalia Campsite in Lake Nakuru National Park
U.S. $ 120 Park fees for 24 hours (single entry)

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