Sunday, 19 June 2011

Day 67 – 11.06.2011 Rainy weather – Isn’t it dry season in Kenya?

                                                  Next day - Pelikans and Buffaloes at Lake Naivasha

We had so much bad luck with the weather, again a long time in the morning it is cloudy. So we skip both, boat trip and visit to the Hells Gate National Park. We have some entertainment on the campsite, a large group of students arrives. Only against 2 o'clock we make a short drive to the Lake Naivasha, we see flamingos, some bucks, zebras, giraffes, buffalo, nothing earth shattering.

As soon as we start to braai, it begins to rain. We have our dinner in the car and go to bed early, after having had some Campsite TV, Student life on weekend was on the program!

38 km, 27 °, cloudy, rainy,
KSH 1000 in Fish Eagle Inn, Lake Naivasha

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