Saturday, 18 June 2011

Day 61 – 5.6.2011 The Maasai Mara

Good that we have already bought the permit the day before, by 6 clock a sleepy sentry opens us the Talek Gate, which has saved us 30 minutes. It is still pitch dark when we drive into the Maasai Mara. In the distance we see three spherical shapes, as we approach it turns out to be balloons, which are made ready to start.

As we watch a herd of elephants, the balloons fly over our heads. This is answered by a young elephant with angry protests, he clearly shows his displeasure

Arrived at the Mara River, we are still alone, there are no other vehicles to see. We drive right along on the bluffs, and we can see the crossing points, fat crocodiles are lying there, hippos relax in the pools, the whole scenery is a reminiscent of the South Luangwa. Again and again we get off to look down.

At the Oldonyo Loldopai Picnic Spot we make breakfast, another vehicle is already there, a Maasai operates in full regalia, a young couple sits at breakfast, so I would be embarrassed. Below we now see other safari vehicles.

We drive to the Mara Bridge, arrive at a large hippo pool, and around there are more tourists as hippos. We enter the Mara Conservancy, which costs nothing extra, but five people are employed to issue us an extra Permit.

We are now on the other side of the Mara River and near the Mara Serena Lodge, we're lucky, there is a crossing, although there are only zebras, but it is a crossing! Hundreds of zebra cross the river, while they jump only inches from the snouts of fat crocodiles, we hold our breath when a crocodile attacks a young zebra, but it escapes.

2 hours we watch the scenery, initially only one crocodile was hunting, at least there were 10, but none was successful, a day before other campers had seen four crocodiles killing a zebra. It's amazing how close the zebras go to the crocodiles, sometimes they even stumble over them.

Then we have to drive back. We take a last photo of the "survivors", the zebras walk up on a hill. On a small water hole, 30 White-faced Ducks and some Hammerkop have a meeting. On Talek River, there is another hippo pool, here the whole safari companies gather to chat, while some guests look fascinated at the hippos, some are standing around bored until it goes on. The Hippos like this not so much that, they would probably prefer to leave the water in search of food.

On the way back to Aruba Mara Camp, we find a young Fish Eagle, a Spotted Hyena stands as a model while the sun slowly dissapears. 

In the camp we enjoy a three course meal, which we previously ordered. It's delicious, we are constantly amazed at the delights you can conjure up in the bush, far away from any civilisisation in the bush of Kenya.

KM 162, 12 hrs, 31 ° cloudy,
900 KSH in Aruba Mara Camp, Talek, near Maasai Mara

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