Saturday, 18 June 2011

Day 59 – 3.6.2011 Up to Kenya - From bad to worse

                                                             Next day - a rest day at Kenyas Masai Mara

With some delay we drive off in Lamadi, although we actually know that we have over 300 kilometers to go, we go over the border into Kenya. On a good tar road we drive the first 150 kilometers of the day's stage. Over a huge bridge we cross the Mara River. By 1 o'clock we are at the border of Tanzania. 

Quick we cross it. Into Kenya, we need about two hours. Bureaucracy times 3. By 3 o'clock we are on the worst road since Mozambique. Pothole after pothole, near the Maasai Mara, Maasai warriors are colorfully decorated now at the roadside. We drive and drive and drive. When we arrive at the escarpment above the Mara Triangle, the look is beathtaking. This looks like just 5 minutes after creation. Absolutely amazing! Beneath us lie the vast Maasai Mara in the evening light. 

Zebra, giraffe, buffalo, Thomson's gazelles, elephants roam, they even graze on the hillsides. Slowly we realize that the T4A map is not correct, we are IN the Mara Conservancy, illegally of course, but nowhere was a gate or a sign. But we have no choice, just a shame that we are too late for good photos. With trepidation, we drive through a place, the road disappears on the way, we cheat by us as the lucky ones, no one wants anything from us. 

 That would have been $ 120 U.S.. After tiring last 50 kilometers in the dark we arrive shortly before 9 o'clock at Aruba Mara Camp, and here we are gracefully supplied with Spaghetti with Tunafish, we are sooo lucky. Two beers and we go to bed. The day was long and tiring.  

316 km, 9.5 hr, 29°, sunny 900 KSH in Aruba Mara Camp, Talek, near Maasai Mara  

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