Saturday, 18 June 2011

Day 58 – 2.6.2011 Thats Africa - a lesson in bush mechanics in Lamadi

                                                                                       Next day - to Kenyas Masai Mara

The last day in the Serengeti begins at 4:30, we have a long road ahead and the road out of the park was extremely poor. No one is here to control us and we go off a little earlier than actually permitted. Worth getting up early, we review two leopards, hyenas, and once again thousands of wildebeest. We are early near the gate and make a detour via the Grumeti River. On the way to the river, we are suddenly back in the middle of migration. Behind the Grumeti River, the landscape looks completely different with rolling green hills and giant numbers of wildebeest. 

In between we see zebras, Thomson's gazelle, Grant gazelle, Kongoni (Coke's hartebeest, pale looking), Topi (lyre antelope, darklooking Hartebeest), bold warthogs are scurrying around. Tawny Eagle, White Storks, Yellow Billed Stroke and crowned cranes inhabit the last 40 kilometers to the Ndabaka Gate. But at some point we have to go out, our Permit expires at 12:45. We drive a few kilometers to the Serengeti Stop Over and treat us with a late breakfast at the restaurant before we put up the tent and lie an hour in the hammock. In the afternoon we drive towards the town Lamadi, for refueling and phone calls to clear what will happen with our rubber boot. 

But that is Africa, our South African insurance, which we have chossen because of this trips (Outsurance), which also covers breakdowns seems now to be very difficult. Tanzania shall not be insured, then the break-down. After tough negotiations, we have come as an answer, they want to tow us to South Africa. When I tell the lady that we surely not want to be towed to South Africa, she suddelny wants to send the parts. But the car still has to be investigated in South Africa, now we give up.   

While we fill up at last, we have the idea to describe our problem to the service station owner. He pulls out his cell phone and 5 minutes later his mechanic arrives. Then we get another lesson in "This is Africa". In the tiny village Lamadi the young lad brings 4 different models of rubber boots, one of which match.  

Then he builds it in, after a total of 2 hours the action is finished . We pay the equivalent of 2R 200 and return happily to the Serengeti Stop Over. Again we treat ourselves with a dinner at the restaurant, it's too late to cook, and the batteries and laptops have to be loaded yet. The camp is situated on the edge of the Serengeti, zebra, topi and so roam the camp site, we are almost tempted to go back again in the Serengeti, but on that bad roads? No thanks, we will drive to the Maasai Mara in Kenya, here the streets seem to be significantly better than in Tanzania. Let's see if this is true?  

211 km in 6 hr, 32°, sunny 30 000 TSH in the Serengeti Stopover, Lamadi on the Serengeti NP border  

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