Saturday, 18 June 2011

Day 57 – 1.6.2011 Loneliness at the Lobo Hills

                                                                         Next day- Bush mechanics in Lamadi

Almost two months we are now on our way, arduous miles we have put behind us and time-consuming daily stages, but the way to Mwanza in the western part of Serengeti has paid off. Not only of Lake Tanganyika, Lake Victoria and now also of the Serengeti with the Western Corridor are worth it. One of the rubber boots on the front axle has a crack, we have temporarily patched it with duct tape and cable ties, but it leaks again and again. 

Now it starts squeaking and from experience we know that there is no longer enough grease in the rubber boot. It should be repaired as quickly as we can. With heavy hearts we waive the 100 km drive down to the Grumeti River in the north, we take the Ngare Naironyo Loop we had yesterday. We are rewarded with a magnificent male lion, which crosses our path, he comes up from the river and crosses the street in front of the car, then lie down to a few meters away from us.   

The Lobo area is fascinating, though very different from the area around Seronera. Back at the campsite, we observe the departure of the tour group, up to 11 o'clock the crewneeds to pack, while the guests are bored, yet they have another 6 hours arduous journey ahead. After only one hour game drive this people now hanging around 3 hours.  

 Then we are alone, the first night for a long time we actually spend alone. So even without a night watchman! In the afternoon we are lucky, a rare White Headed Vulture and a Bateleur Eagle are sitting together on a tree, a Cocqui Francolin and a pair of DikDik pose for us.  Finally, we find three giraffes at the waterhole, before it goes back to the camp site. We hang a beef roast over the fire, together with salad and toasted bread with herb butter, it tastes great. After dinner we are visited by a hyena just a few meters away from the tent and the lions again comment of the day. A perfect African night.   

Km 63, sunny, 30 ° U.S. $ 60 on the Public Campsite Lobo, Lobo and airspace, Serengeti U.S. $ 140 to park entrance (50,50, 40 for the car)    

Tags: Grumeti River, Lake Tanganyika, Lake Victoria, Serengeti, Mwanza, Western Corridor, Lobo, Seronera, Ngare Naironyo Loop, White Headed Vulture, Coccqui Francolin, Bateleur Eagle, DikDik   

Link zum Afrika Reisebericht von Beetee und Fred

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