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Day 56 – 31.5.2011 Lions in the Lobo Hills

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Revenge is sweet and we're up at 5 clock, pack together and make coffee. The team up is still quite sleepy, this group is probably not up by 6 clock, as usual. As we set off shortly before 6, all still sleeping soundly, and the kitchen crew's sleeping again. I am sorry for the guests of this company, they missed the best of the day.  

At 6 o'clock we are on the river and be rewarded by some hippos who walk around on land, a small elephant family is having fun in the water, except us it's only one safari company on its way. Serengeti Balloon Safaris has ascended three balloons, they fly directly over our heads and scare away the elephant family. We will make our way north, we have booked for two nights at Lobo. The road is much better now and we are already at 10 at our camp site. Which is breathtakingly beautiful on the back of Ngelek Hills with a magnificent view towards the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. We set up our tent and just enjoy the silence, broken only now and then by a neighing zebra, two buffalo pass. Impalas graze below the campsite, cheeky dassies are sitting behind us on the rocks and whistle, a family of Klipspringer is resting casually on top of the cliff, and we just sit there and are undisturbed. In general, the cliff divers here, they are absolutely trusting and so I was able to take perfect pictures, otherwise I'd run away, only half in the photo, or from behind. You may well recognize the structure of the hairs that are hollow and intended as a buffer when the cliff divers at around gymnastics in the rocks somewhere once offends.  

By 3 o'clock we go on a game drive to Ngare Naironyo loop. Besides the usual suspects, we also see Eland, zebra, giraffe and dik and we're lucky, we find a family of lions. Lion, lioness and two cubs are having a nap in front of a big bush. We just wait. Gradually, more and more lions appear, we have 10 at the end, including five juveniles. It is simply a joy to watch them playing. Eventually we look around  and discover another big male lion on the other side of the car, as appeared from nowhere. Whether it is an outcast family member or a competitor?  

His view is certainly heart-rending. At 18:30, we must return to camp, here expects us - a group of tourists. Crap, again, nothing with a lonely night in the bush. As the camp is located in the area of ​​four male lions, they are not allowed to got to the toilet after 10 o'clock. 

That gives some nice discussions. But the waves have calmed quickly and everyone goes to bed early, we too. The lions roar in the distance, in the grass near the camp site a hyena howls, the African night sky shines upon us, what more could you want?  

Km 132, 5 hours, 30 degrees, sunny U.S. $ 60 on the Public Campsite Lobo, Lobo and airspace, Serengeti U.S. $ 140 to park entrance (50,50, 40 for the car)  

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