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Day 55 – 30.5.2011 Seronera Wonderland - Predators Day

                                                                       Next day - Lions in the Lobo Hills

After a quick coffee and a last chat with Beatrice and Thomas, we are on the way to the game drive just after 6. Up to the Seronera River. Everywhere we see hippos on the way back to their hippo pools. The pools stink very much, if I would be a hippo, I would also hang around as long as possible before I would put myself in the mud soup. We are an hour on the way, as we see a lion's mane on the roadside, he looks just a little out of the grass and soon he falls asleep.

Hes not alone, he has a magnificent lioness. The two enjoy themselves in the morning sun, and unfortunately that remains not undetected, quickly some other safari vehicles stand around. The lions don't look to be disturbed. A little later there is a mass start, just 100 meters further someone has discovered two leopards in the tree, there are mother and son. The mother wants to sleep, son jumps around and climb upa and donw and again on the mother's branch, its fascinating how the boy poised on the thin branches.

An elephant walkes under the tree with the two leopards, therefore, a little later he comes over well with the two lions, which also do not interest him. The lions are so busy that they do not perceive the elephant. We drive and have breakfast on a beautiful picnic site on the Small Hill, overlooking the vast Seronera Valley.

En route we see more buffalo at Lake Magadi, now only missing the Rhinos to complete the Big Five. We try our luck at the Gong Rocks, but we are unsuccessful. But lion, leopard, elephant and buffalo are indeed already something. At Lake Magadi, we can see from afar a few flamingos, zebras are decoratively on the banks of the Salt Lake. Buffalo take a mud bath, everywhere, of course, also giraffes move. We stop on the picnic site again, make a coffee, while zebras are grazing around us, without fear they look at us.

While in the Western Corridor yesterday we swa mostly wildebeest, the dark Topi and the bright Kongonis, in the Seronera rather the zebras dominate. On the way to the Gong Koppies we see Defassa waterbuck, and of course the small, funny Thomson's gazelles jump around everywhere, untiringly wagging with the tail. The larger Grant's gazelles, we see only occasionally.

On the way back we drive back along the river, the lions are gone, but the Leopards are still there, the place is unmistakable, at least 10 safari vehicles are standing around with astonished tourists on board. A little later we see our first tree-climbing lions, two cubs have climbed into a tree and there are spectacular images. Quite high in the trees sits one of the two. Unfortunately you only see his backside.

After a farewell picture of the leopard tree we go back, in the last light of the evening  we spot two Cheetahs and a Spotted Hyena. We look forward to a lonely evening, but since we have been looking forward too early, we have a tour group next door. They're probably just arrived anfd are armed with flashlights and wander around on the ground, even to begin to forage in our car.

One can see the quality of the safari company, if you watch the guests, this one are not very happy. While another group cheerfully sits two hours at dinner, our neighbors are back after 20 minutes. Frightened, they light up into the bushes and try to discover a hyena, which was promised to them by the "guide" probably.

By 11 o'clock is also the most talkative cook / driver / guide quiet, yet a lone hyena we can hear laughing in the distance.

201 km, 12 hrs, 32 °, Sunny
U.S. $ 60 on the dik Public Campsite, Seronera, Serengeti
U.S. $ 140 to park entrance (50,50, 40 for the car)

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Link zum Afrikareisebericht von Beetee und Fred

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