Saturday, 18 June 2011

Day 54 ..... and suddenly we are in the middle of the migration

                                                     Next day - To Seronera Campsite - Predators Wonderland

Again we go to Mwanza in the U-turn grocery, but the shop is still closed. A few quick photos from Lake Victoria and on it goes. We make our way to the Serengeti. The miles to the gate, we quickly put behind us, at 12:45 we are IN IT! We are in the Serengeti. We book two nights at Seronera and two nights at Lobo. We have over 6 hours time for the 130 kilometers, and we take our time on the road that in the beginning did not seem so bad. 

The first 40 kilometers of the route are promising, we see many birds, white stork, Tawny Eagle, Martial Eagle, Bateleur Eagle, Lilac Brested scooters, marabou storks, vultures (Lapped Faced, Black Headed, White-backed) and much more, plus zebras, hundreds and thousands of wildebeest and suddenly we are in the middle of the wildebeest migration. In front, behind and beside us there thousands of wildebeest with their typical Gnu sound. You could almost touch them. The road is no longer visible. What an experience. After 10 minutes the overwhelming experience is over and we go on, the landscape changes, an empty forest with thorny acacia (Flaky Bark Acacias) has only tsetse flies to offer, then we see “small” groups of wildebeest, no less than 400, 500, 1,000 animals rather more, in between Zebras, Grant  and Thomson's gazelles. And we see Giraffes and Buffalo, a Nile monitor crosses the street, which gets worse with every mile. 

As great as promised at the gate, as worse is the road through Serengeti. Just before Seronera an early Hippo is crossing just like that the road. We would like to make a game drive along the river, but it is already almost 7 o’ clock. The poor roads cost us time and nerves, the automatic transmission started to muck up again. Pimbi campsite is not very exciting, different groups of Overlanders are widespread. 

Fortunately, we still find around the corner around a large, open area, there are only Beatrice and Thomas, people who we met in Dar es Salaam. Only after we have established, we realize that this is a different campsite, but on this day surely no more Ranger will come, it's after 8 o’clock, we'll see tomorrow. We enjoy a beautiful evening on our "secluded" camp site, it is getting late of course. 

Too bad that the two must go even further tomorrow. Whether we will be still there tomorrow?  

285 km, 9 hrs, 32°, sunny, humid U.S. $ 60 on the DikDik Public Campsite, Seronera, Serengeti U.S. $ 140 park entrance (50,50, 40 for the car)  

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