Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Day 50 – 25.05.2011 To Lake Tanganyika - the MV Liemba in Kigoma

                                                       Next day - we visit a doctor in Kigoma - Photos Day 50

10 hours for 340 kilometers, that says everything about the day. The route gets very lonely , there are no villages anymore, just occasionally we see some shepherds with dozens of cattle in the dense miombo woodland. We go up a mountain, the descent is even worser than the ascent. Near Kigoma there are road works, which make the driving even slower.  

I am sick with flu and of course not on a good mood. Just before Kigoma the road is paved completed and again there are the inevitable bumper. First 3 rumble that you feel your teeth falling out, then a bumper, or hump than the same vice versa. All this every 5 kilometers. In Kigoma itself, we come just in time to see the take off the MV Liemba (which would normally be at 4 o'clock). 

There are only 3 kilometers to the camp site, the first police officer for 800 kilometers wants to control us. But as he sees me, he steps back. We head on to Jacobsen's Beach. Jacobsen's Beach is a dream. Two camp sites at Lake Tanganyika, with two private beaches. Charcoal and wood are included, also a nightwatch, what a service. 

While Lake Tanganyika is splashing, we sit on the beach Nr. 1 with an "After" Sundowner. In the distance, we see the MV Liemba passing, the colorfully lit, over 100 years old and already twice sunken passenger steamer chugs into the night. The kerosene lamps of the fishing boats on the lake are swinging slightly with the waves, we are happy to be here! It was worth the driving on the bad roads.  

Km 339, 10 h, 31 °, sunny 20 000 TSH in Jacobsen's Beach, Kigoma  

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