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Day 48 – 23.5.2011 Katavi National Park - Tsetse flies and Hippos

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At 7:30, breakfast is served in the Moravian Conference Centre in Sumbangwa, it consists of tea or coffee, toast, margarine, jam and eggs. And it is included, unbelievable. Shortly after 8, we are on the road, the shoes are not ready, the deposit of 2,000 TSH is given back without hesitation. Since we do not know how the road is before us, we do not want wait until 11 o'clock. On the whole stretch of Sumbangwa until the beginning of Katavi National Park the road shall be paved by 2012. The track is good to drive, until we reach Katavi National Park. Once we are in the park (on public street) begins the corrugated road and there are tsetse flies. As we drive into Sitalike, on the other end of the park, the tsetse are not so bad. The corrugated track is just annoying. In Sitalike we cross the bridge over the River Ikuu, here its teeming with hippos, while next to them the village youth is fishing. Its awsome! The Katavi Hippo Garden Hotel is closed, the owner has died and the family can not agree on a new management. 

We go to the adjacent Riverside Camp, where we can go camping and are not even 50 meters away from the hippos. After pitching the tent and a late breakfast we drive to the headquarters to order a permit for the next day for the Katavi National Park. Then I sit down with the camera just on the river before the camp site and watch the hippos, while the guys are fishing around them, the bravest are 5 meters away from the nearest Hippo, up to to the belly in the water. 2009, we not only see hippos running at 50 km/h, but even climbing in the Ruaha National Park. On of the Hippos, a great bull, who was closest to me, observes exactly its surroundings. 

As I sit too close to the shore, it comes closer umd rises half out of the water, a clear sign that I am too close, I go back and the animal swims back and relaxes in the middle of the stream. A Nile monitor crosses the water, just in front of us. In the evening the Hippos are active, yawning and showing their teeth to the neighbours.  

The village youth and some local visitors come ashore for looking. The visitors are typical tourists and make photos with the mobile phones. Later, the hippos leave the water somewhere else, walk far to 15 kilometers to eat and come back, if we are lucky, in the morning directly through the Camp Site to march back to the water. Let's see ... .. 

Km 204, 6.5 h, 25 °, sunny, windy TSH 15 000 at the Riverside in Sitalike Camp, Katavi National Park  

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