Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Day 47 – 22.05.2011 Sumbangwa

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Fortunately, today the first 100 kilometers are to Tunduma ar tarred, then we turn to the northwest to Lake Tanganyika. Tunduma is a bustling border town, here the road from Tanzania continues to Zambia, there are 4 or 5 gas stations, one shop next to the other. Then it is quiet on the street, but contrary to all concerns the road is very well and I'm online without interruption until Sumbangwa, our destination, and can work continuously. The landscape changes from low grasslands to wooded slopes to bare 1900 meters, the villages are scattered, the people friendly and waving everywhere. In Sumbangwa we opt for the Moravian Conference Centre, the clean rooms with hot shower costs 15,000 TSH (+ - R 70 ) including breakfast. There are even mosquito nets! It is only 4 o'clock and we go for a walk in Sumbangwa, unfortunately, the market is almost closed, tomatoes and cucumbers we do not need, we eat today in the MCC. We give a pair of shoes to a shoemaker to be repaired, tomorrow morning at 8, it will be ready. The dinner is filling, a giant serving of jasmine rice, perfectly formed in cup size D, in addition, than  some Chicken Marsala, the chicken there are only trace elements and are tough, but the sauce is very tasty, some vegetables and a small banana for dessert. The whole thing costs 4000 TSH per person, less than R 20. Km 319, 7 hours, 24 °, cloudy, windy TSH 15 000 (including breakfast) in the Moravian Conference Centre in Sumbangwa Tags: Sumbangwa, Moravian Conference Centre, Tanzania, Zambia, Tunduma

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