Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Day 46 – 21.05.2011 A Rest day in Mbeya

                                                       Next day -  going to Sumbangwa along Lake Tanganyika                                                                                                                                   Pictures of day 46

(NB: I am far behind with my travel stories, I know, but be had either very bad roads to drive, we got stuck in any workshop or we hadn't any electricity at the camp, like in Serengeti. While I am writing this, we are at Nakuru in a Mitsubishi Workshop, to get a shock absorber and a CV Boot fixed, luckily I can use the time here)
We will take even a rest day in Utengule Hotel, to be sure whether the automatic transmission works 100%, we drive around a bit in Mbeya. Unfortunately, the weather is not so exhilarating. At he previous evening, we had a breathtaking view of the Rift Valley. I find a colorful Agama, a few birds in the garden and a Lizard by the fireplace to take pictures of them. The pool attracts us is not so much, it has only 23 ° air temperature, and besides, he is besieged by local people celebrating a birthday party. This is a tradition in Tanzania to rich Tanzanians to visit on Sunday hotels in the area to relax. After the dinner was not that great on the previous day in the restaurant, we cook a vegetable pot, he will reach us the next 2 or 3 days. The accommodation is with $ 10 per person far too expensive. The hotel has no proper camp site, we are on a bit of green at the edge of the tennis court, between a chalet and two showers, which properly belong to the gym. But the alternative (the Green Inn in Mbeya) is not enticing. Since we were there already in 2009 and that was by far the worst accommodation we had in the 6 months. So we take the overpriced Hotel. Dinner at the hotel the day before did not convince in any way, as the cook comes up to the boss, we get with the conversation, should he take fresh chicken gvary or bouillon cubes for risotto? Bouillon cube is the command of the boss, the mushrooms are not fresh and the grated cheese is given only when on request. My Sirloin Steak consisted from various scraps of meat, but still tastes very good, even the pepper sauce was very good, but it also came only at the second time requested. 52 km, 23 °, hazy 29 000 TSH in Utengule Hotel Mbilizi Tags: Utengule Hotel, Mbeya, Tanzania
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