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Day 44 – 19.05.2011 Riverside Campsite near Kitulo

Day 44 – 19.05.2011  At the nameless campsite near  Kitulo National Park

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Phew, that was cold, it had only 14 ° last night, well, it is also quite high here. 1760 meters high is Kisolanza and on the plateau it is quite windy. Despite fleece pullover I have frozen. But the hot shower is good, its already fired at 6 o'clock.

Actually we had ordered fresh rolls for 8 o'clock fresh from the Chef of Kisolanza, but one is under stress (with than us are 4 guests there) and could not, unfortunately, bake 10 rolls more. Well then not, than we drive earlier.

Halfway to the Kitulo National Park in the village Makambako we find a good bakery, where we buy bread for two days and set us a little later on the roadside at our breakfast. At half past 2 we are already on the nameless Camp Site (T4A writes Riverside camp site near Kitulo), about an hour before the Kitulo National Park. In a meadow, a resourceful mind has invested in the future of the very young national park. Near a river they built a toilet and a shower, both are clean, but the shower water is icy cold. The lawn is mowed and there is some shade under trees.

A young man "lookes after" us, i.e. while we hold a nap down at the river, he does the same in his hut. When he goes in the evening, he asks for some juice and about his chances of getting work in South Africa. A juice he can get, yes, but with work in South Africa, it looks rather bad, but because they have just aggravated the immigration requirements.

After half an hour another young man is coming, he is probably the night watch, man, and I had been looking forward to a lonely night in the mountains. Everywhere in Tanzania as a tourist you have always the problem with the night watchman. Whether or not Maasai, mostly you feel observed and often will be interrupted several times in the night, be it through gossip, cough, ask if everything was okay ... ..

The people are very creative, and finally the guest is supposed to know that he is safely.
Maasai often do this job in full gear. So even with a spear. But here we are undisturbed, we are discreetly left alone and cook us a piece of meat on the warming fire. At 9 we lie in bed, it's just too cold.

Km 202, 4 hrs, 24 °
10 000 TSH on the Riverside Camp Site near Kitulo National Park

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