Saturday, 21 May 2011

Day 39 – 14.5.2011 Shopping in Dar es Salaam

Day 39 – 14.5.2011  Shopping in Dar es Salaam - Magogoni Ferry -
                                                                     Kigamboni -Mlimani City Shopping Mall

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Although we are already on the way by 8 o'clock, we need 4 hours to get to Mlimani City Shopping Mall. First, we are faced with chaos on the way to the ferry for one and a half hours, then we decide to drive around it (35 km detour) and there again we stuck three times in traffic. Wonderful.  

Shopping at Game Store and at the Shoprite then goes pretty fast. The only half-filled shopping cart will cost us R 2000, Tanzania is an expensive place. In the next Shoprite we buy two bottles of Cane for each 4500 TSH, not more than R 20. We want to drink a Cairpirinha now and then in the evening... ...  

On the way back we take the ferry, just before Kigamboni we are overtaken by a container ship. Back at the Sunrise Beach Resort, we quickly jump into the ocean to cool down. In the evening we cook us a flat Chicken, is it available ready to cook in any Shoprite. 

With a caipirinha and a half fresh pineapple later, we end the evening.  

Km 88, 38°, sunny, humid TSH 20 000 at the Sunrise Beach Resort in Dar es Salaam  

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