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Day 38 - 13.5.2011 Bad Roads

Day 38 - 13.5.2011  Bad Roads to Dar es Salaam

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With tears in our eyes we say goodbye to Kilwa Dreams and begin our arduous journey to Dar es Salaam. 70 or 80 kilometers of the road are still under construction. No longer the speed bumps, but the side road is destroyed by trucks, mini buses and construction vehicles. The new road is partly completed and partly under construction and partly overgrown with green again. 4 or 5 construction camps along the road (not Chinese, they told us something of Brazilians) are good equipped with machines, but are working only partially, and then they do only repair work on the road.

 After almost 6 hours we are only 20 km from Dar, for the rest of the way we need one and a half hours. Deep potholes filled with water in 3 places cause an absolute traffic chaos on the approach road.
Dar es Salaam is choking in traffic. Tanzania also feels the progress, there are always more cars on the streets.

We come to the Sunrise Beach Resort, only to find out, that the price has doubled from 2009 to now, U.S. $ 10 per person it will cost us to camp now.
For today we do not care. We visit the restaurant and buy two portions of French fries to our salads and fall into bed by 9 o’clock, dead tired. For now we have enough of bad roads.

Km 333, 7, 5 hours, 32°, sunny
TSH 20 000 at the Sunrise Beach Resort, Dar es Salaam

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