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Day 37 – 12.5.2011 Kilwa Dreams at Kilwa Masoko

Day 37 – 12.5.2011  Kilwa Dreams at Kilwa Masoko

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Today we have a rest day, we swim, explore Kilwa Masoko. Here in Kilwa Masoko the time almost stands still, few tourists, it's just too far away from Dar es Salaam, and it is no longer on the transit route. Since the Rovuma ferry sank it is very quiet here. On the other hand, it allows us to step into the real Tanzania, for example, "sweeeeets" screaming kids you do not see here. Rather, they are afraid and when  we to make an unexpected move, they run away as a precaution.  

We are allowed to look at a parade of musicians through the village, no one can explain us the sense, no one speaks English. It has something to do with the Swahili culture, determined 300 people follow the parade. Then we drive to the port, there is even a motor ferry to Kilwa Kisiwani, but it is just loaded with all sorts of goods and that can take hours, too bad. To compensate we enjoy the evening in Kilwa Dreams. We order prawns in the restaurant, 20 for each, only for the equivalent of R 70 per person!  

A dream at Kilwa Dreams.  

Km 13, 33°, sunny, 20 U.S. $ in *** Kilwa Dreams  

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