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Day 36 – 11.5.2011 Paved road - road of life

Day 36 – 11.5.2011 Paved road - road of life - from Masasi to Kilwa Masoko  - Kilwa Dreams                                              
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After a short but cool night (thanks to fan, what a luxury) I'm up. At 4:45 Mozambican, 5:45 Tanzanian time. Outside it is bright and the ordinary African life has begun. After a first coffee I grab the local policeman, who stands only meters away from the motel at the corner and ask him where I can find the local insurance office. We need the so-called Third Party Insurance, the mandatory liability insurance. Without the insurance it will be expensive at the nearest police control.

At the border at the Unity 1 bridge at Negomane, there was no insurance office, no wonder, the last entry before us was at the 28.03.2011, one and a half months ago. The officer sends a young man with me, who shows me where is the office is, by 8 if it will be open. I give him 500 TSH, about R 2,5 as tip and go back to the motel, on the way I buy Tanzanian maize flour bread for R 5. Good bread will now be in short supply, how beautiful was that in Mozambique. In Tanzania, there is nowhere really good bread.
After a quick shower and breakfast, in the hotel (tea, bread, margarine and two hard boiled eggs), with whom we had not really expected, we walk to the insurance office, it's just past 8, of course, is not opened. The young man who showed me the office sees that the office is still closed, he moves heaven and earth in order to raise the insurance agent. Record-breaking 15 minutes later comes a small, pretty young woman who unlocks the booth and in another record-breaking 10 minutes, issues the insurance plate for 4 weeks, worth R 200.
Phew. Everyone is happy and we can finally start. 

The goal is Kilwa Masoko, a small spit of land with two camps and a lodge on the Indian Ocean, another secret tip. In at least 5 hours we are there, this is really a tip, it is beautiful, clean, there are no flies and the ocean is a dream. The road was pretty good, but every 5 or 6 kilometers was a village, with signs, 80, then 50, sometimes 30, and humps in all heights and sizes. Well, that's the only way to slow down here all the megalomaniac bus drivers, but eventually that nerves and it takes fuel and time. On the half way we stop, our speedometer shows exactly at 250,000 km. 

There was an enormous difference between the poverty on the road from Masasi to Lindi and on that from Lindi to Kilwa. The first won by brick houses, many guesthouses, many markets, mostly clean clothes of the people. From Lindi to Kilwa, there was a big difference. Dirty and poorly dressed people, mud houses, a lot of decay and poverty. The axis of Songea, Lindi appears, although not completely paved, but to be a very important link with Tanzania. We enjoy the evening with a warm breeze and very few mosquitoes, the ocean roars, the palms whisper softly to himself. What a dream! 

Km 345, 5 hours, 32 °, cloudy, partly sunny 20 U.S. $ in *** Kilwa Dreams

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