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Day 35 – 10.5.2011 Wonders of technology - on the dirt road to the giant Unity 1 bridge

Day 35 – 10.5.2011 Wonders of technology - on the dirt road to the giant Unity 1 bridge -
from Negomane over the Unity 1 Bridge to Tanzania     
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Miraculously, it did not rain and we are quickly finished packing and on the way to the border of Tanzania. First, we still want to look at the Dhaus of Mocimboa da Praia, but we simply do not find the harbour, nobody understands us, that's North Mocambique. Here you can be happy if the people speak Portuguese.
It is already very Islamic. Tanzania isn't far. At the end of the paved road in Aldeia we find a few overpriced old rolls. 

In Mueda we fill up on again, on the market we buy some last tomatoes. Then we drive on a lonely road, we are approaching the Niassa Reserve. In Nazombe, here we are only 10 km away from Tanzania, is a border post which has no function, since the Unity Bridge 1 has been opened at  Negomane. However, the barrier is closed and we have to wait until the official comes and opens the lock. 

Short time later we can look at the mighty Rovuma River, which so long represented an insurmountable barrier between Mozambique and Tanzania. We think about it and whether we should stay in the bush or go on, but it's only 12 and we go, there are only 115 kilometers.

But the track is getting worser from kilometers to kilometer.
And there is no more oncoming traffic. Whether if there is more than one bridge "destroyed"? Fortunately not, only shortly before reaching the 5-km tarmac road at the bridge, we need to cross a dry a riverbed. It's 15:30, until we reach the border post. On the Mozambican side it goes fast, we pay 30 Meticais Border Fee and 3 cans Coke Zero (expensive purchased in Pemba, Mozambique in all there are almost no Coke Zero or Coke Light) to the customs officials, and we continue to drive. Apparently the boys have never seen a Coke Zero, they are visibly disappointed.

Then we cross the century building Unity 1, if we wouldn't have seen before pictures, we would not believe what the Chinese have placed there.
A monster worth for a city, huge stylized tusks decorate it on both sides. The Tanzanian border post costs us right time, an hour does it take until we have our visas, and the import permit for the car. Especially the latter lastes and lastes and lastes. First, the "boss", after he found incredulous that he gets from us no Carnet papers, is filling out the form by hand. Then we pay $ 25, but there are two receipts, than, all this must still be entered into the computer. This makes the subordinate.

When we sit in the car again, here comes the boss, he has forgotten to make copies of our passports. Great. It is almost dark. So that leaves us no choice but to go further. The street is fullö with houses right and left, there is no chance for a bush camp. In the nearest major town, Masasi, we find a motel, where we find a clean room for R 140.

As clean as the motel is so dirty is the restaurant next door. Ok, then we take our meatballs and salad instead of African food.
Welcome to Tanzania!

Km 394, 10 h, 30 °, Sunny
30 000 TSH in Masasi Motel (breakfast included)

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