Thursday, 14 April 2011

Day 9 – 14.4.2011 The day of the spiders - Cape Vidal and back

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The day is chilly and overcast and we are lazy and get in the Greater St. Lucia Wetlands Park just before 7. There are only 32 km to drive to Cape Vidal. On the way we see about 100 Burchell's Coucal and lots of giant spiders. 

The first spider is probably 8 cm in size and not for the faint hearted. Then again a monster spider, with horns. In some corners the nests of the two species are close together.

There are also many Kudus, some bulls with huge horns and beautiful female with sweet youngs. At Mission Rock, we do breakfast. Besides us, there are only fishing tourists. On the way we see really a lot of Rhino dung, covered with plenty of Dung Beetles. Of the 45 + elephants, which should be here (according to park management guide), unfortunately nothing can be seen. But the spiders, there are plenty. And bold warthogs. Of the 1,000 + Crocs we see, unfortunately, no one. But it's still nice.

We can observe a family group of banded mongoose with at least 20 animals. Unfortunately, it starts to rain when we arrive in Cape Vidal. Here too, everything is influenced by the fishing tourists. The camp site is ugly and full. There is a deep freezer in front of every tent. Its good, that we are in the Sugarloaf Camp.

The beach at Cape Vidal looks great, but it rains, so we don’t go swimming. On the way back be find an extra sweet Kudu baby and 3 White Rhinos. And another highlight (why do we see such birds only during bad weather?), a Long Crested Eagle sits not 10 meters away from the road. On the way to the campsite we pay for two additional nights, tomorrow we will go into the Hluhluve-Umfolozi Game Reserve.

Km 103, 7 hours, 28°, rainy
R 170 auf der Sugarloaf Campsite, St. Lucia  Ezemvelo Kwazulu Natal Wildlife
Animal of the day:  Burchells Coucal

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