Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Day 8 – 13.4.2011 St. Lucia – here we are

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Via the N2 we are quick in Richards Bay, where we buy some last stock. The shopping itself goes fast, but to find the shops in the huge mall, that takes time.  

At 3, we reach the village of St. Lucia. In Germany we would call it a hick town with a jetty. Actually, we expected the place to be more sophisticated. We take the Sugarloaf Campsite. We set up our tent and head to the beach. We are in the Greater St Lucia Wetlands Park. Before we leave the "town", we buy some delicious local Avocados and Pinapple.

Directly behind the campsite the Lake St. Lucia is flowing into the ocean. On a nearby sand bank, the hippos are dozing. We walk to the Estuary Beach and back on the Boardwalk, as we come back, the hippos enjoy their family life.

SANParks that would not be possible. In front are the Hippos, less than 300 meters away, are the fishermen and cast their lines, without a fence

Hippos have a young one here, which has a powerful exercise in showing of, which means rip open the mouth. In between they are cuddling. We stay until it gets dark.

evening at the campsite is comfortable, a few sausages on the fire, served with salad, a red wine, nearby the Hippos are grunting. The camp site is simple, but situated in impressive nature. There are over 90 campsites there, but they are so beautiful that each one has its own path and you do not disturb the neighbours. The Hippos at the St. Lucia Estuary grumble us to sleep.

295, 4 hours, 35°, sunny

R 170 on the Sugarloaf Campsite, Kwazulu Natal Wildlife Emezmvelo

Images Day 8

Next day - St. Lucia

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