Thursday, 7 April 2011

Day 2 - 7.4.2011 All Billabong or what?

7.4.2011 All Billabong or what?                                  Next Day- To the Wild Coast

In gray weather we manage the route Mossel Bay - Jeffreys Bay in just under 6 hours, including shopping in the Langeberg Mall near Mossel Bay, the weather is depressing. Memories come up to the winter in Germany. Fortunately, such a weather usually lasts only one day! 

We drive past the Garden Route National Park, coming through the beautiful Knysna, it remains gray in gray. Just before Jeffreys Bay, the matter of conscience, do we drive to the Addo Elephant National Park, or not? One last campsite would be free ... But that means, the park is full, the Camp Site loud, we (generously) abstain form a few elephant sightings and stay in Jeffreys Bay, the Municipality Camping is not the latest, but it is clean, quiet and cheap.


Thus, we explore the "famous" village and are - disappointed. Every second house has some kind of accommodation, Self Catering, Backpackers, chalets. In between the scene is dominated by the textile giant Billabong, one factory outlet after another, the brand clothes are not our thing. 

 When shopping at Checkers and Spar, we will see a lot of South African tourists in the cheap, but really for young people designed clothes, which makes us laughing. 


We buy ham and cheese for a yummy toast for dinner, have a short walk from at the sea, there are no Penguins, bute the weather is getting better, what more could we want? 



Records of the day: km 318, 5.5 h, 19 °, cloudy. R 127 in ** Jeffreys Bay Caravan Park

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