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Day 17 - 22.4.2011 Death on the road

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A long driving day takes us to Vilankulo, a "distinguished" small town  directly at the Indian Ocean. Today is Good Friday. Except that at all ATMs are crowds of people (like every Friday, Friday = payday) and more pedestrians are traveling along the highway than usual, we notice nothing different. In other African countries would see more people with Sunday clothes.

On the way towards Inhambane, the contrast is clearly to be seen again. A family lives in a straw hut on the dunes, behind that their personal dumping site, then the family cemetery, then the road. For decades nothing has changed. People live on the street. A little further there was a traffic accident. Even television is there. Later we learn that a man was killed by a speeding truck. The truck stands still right beside the highway, and around are spectators, like everywhere in the world. An hour later, nothing more will be on display. A grave stone more. A human life is nothing on a country road in Africa.

In a small town we see a truck, fully loaded with well-dressed people, they are singing. Why are they probably on the move? I take a photo, they smile and sing even more cheerful. Today's route takes us from the millions of coconut palms area around Inhambane over the Tropic of Capricorn into the land of baobab trees.

In Vilankulo there is business as usual. Only PEP and the Taurus Supermarket are closed. We drive along he Sand Ridge, towards Vilankulo Restcamp. It is empty (where all South Africans, who passed us the whole day with their convoys?) And run down. Straw huts, bungalows, one or the other villa. A Backpackers. The bar on the beach is empty. But the place has something.

The Baobab Beach Camp (it actually has a huge Baobab) is beautifully green and terraced, the rest rooms are newly renovated, small straw-hut invite the backpackers to stay. Overlander form U.K., German backpacker, a British au pair on a weekend leave and French tourists with arented Kea car with roof tent meet the locals at the bar for a beer or two. It seems, we left the fishing tourists behind us….

Km 337, 6 hours, 28 degrees, rainy and humid, cloudy night

** 400 Meticais in Baobab Beach Camp Vilankulo

Next day - Baobab Beach Camp Vilankulo - Images day 17

4x4 Trailers   off road trailers

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