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Day 16 - 21.4.2011 On the run….

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In Mozambique, almost all the towns that lie on the sea, are reached by random streets. We go back a few kilometers to the EN1. In front of the Xai Xai Complexo Touristico, like last night, young men are standing, offering everything. We find a church near a cell tower they have probably a very short line to the top?

In the middle of Xai Xai, we see a kind of public park or arena, whose walls are painted beautifully. This type of modern art can be seen more often. There is much construction in Mozambique, but degenerate and decay, the old colonial buildings. Old beside new, straw hut next to hotel, tin shed next to skyscraper, stands on every spot on the street. If a bus stops at an intersection, 10, 15, 20 sellers run and offer their goods. Today especially oranges are on sale today. Bananas are also popular. We often see children who throw themselves fearlessly into the fray, right on the EN 1, they often have no other opportunity to earn a living.

The plan today is to go to Zavora Beach. The area is tropical, it's humid. Shortly before 1 o'clock, we're on the road to the Beach., That was a short riding day. At the gate of the Zavora Beach Lodge already 10 South African vehicles are parked, we have seen convois like this several times today, a Toyota, for example, behind that a trailer, than another trailer with a boat, jet ski or quad. Well, thank you. At the gate, no one has any idea of ​​a price. The boss resides above the restaurant on the dune.

The facility is run down, the ablutions a nightmare. Then comes the fun, it will cost 120 Rand per person. We had been told by email 80 Rand (low season price, of course, is no longer valid). The owners, older South Africans, treat their employees like serfs. Well, it's still so early. Again we see a spectacular Light House, which we unfortunately can not visit. And back again we jolt along the deep-red dirt road to the EN 1.

Two hours later we arrive in Inhambane. The weather is moderate, but the place is a dream for every photographer. Here I could easily spend two days. Old dhows lie at the long pier. Here you can take the ferry to Maxixe, it is across Inhambane, unfortunately there is no car ferry. Grand villas are interspersed with a mosque, an antiquated gas station, a vehicle repair workshop, around which the vehicle wrecks pile up in treble damages. A huge cinema, whether here still films will be shown? We refuel and continue on to Tofo, the beach of Inhambane. At Tofo, you will meet mainly Backpackers, one of them is Bamboozi, in the cute camp we pitch our tent under the palm trees. We are the only campers.

The restaurant and diving school are perched behind the dunes. The only white people here are the tourists. The camp is not very new and could probably stand a renovation. But nothing to compare with the previous camp. We go to the beach, unfortunately 10 minutes too late for the sunset. The restaurant is awesome. A dream place. Because we are tired, we do not have a drink at the bar. We enjoy a baked feta cheese with pasta and salad and drink our own tequila orange.  

Km 346, 7 hours, 30 °, humid,
820 Meticais in * Bamboozi Backpackers

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