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Day 14 - 19.4.2011 Offroad into Maputaland

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After a warm goodby from Lynette at the Kosi Bay Inn we head a few kilometers to the borderpost to Mozambique. Until the border the road is tarred and new and does look like a highway. From South Africa we are quickly stamped out, the import permit for the car to Mozambique is completed in a few seconds, costs 30 Meticais (+ - R 7). We have already obtained our visas in Cape Town, they are stamped also in seconds. Not 10 minutes and we are over the border.

After that, the road turns into a sandy 4x4 track, many paths run through the deserted, idyllic landscape. We are glad to have the GPS device. The Reserve does have a lot of funny signs that warn of the elephants, but unfortunately we don’t see one of them. It's uncertain how many elephants still can be found in the Reserve.

At the park entrance gate, we pay a total of 800 Meticais, which are about 20 €.
It's fun to drive a TRUE 4x4 track. Only few places are really deep sand. We drive around some of the lakes, but up to a few hippos and various birds of the area is empty. Really EMPTY, a few relics testify to the existence of the elephants.

By 1 o’clock, we are at the ocean, at Ponta Milibangalala. The Tracks 4 Africa map promises a secluded camp opportunity for 3, 4 cars, this is true. Directly behind the last dune a small area is beaten in the dense bush, BUT, the whole thing 30 times! Here are 30 Campsites, sometimes larger, sometimes smaller.
We pick a camp site with open air. We build up quickly, then we explore the area.

A shower is not existing, only a well with brackish water, but even if they would provide a shower, we would rather shower behind our tent. Specially if the facilities would look like the longdrop toilet. The toilet is densely populated, Dung Beettles who eagerly roll their balls from the Shit ....
Uahhh this is disgusting. And it is the only one toilet here. Good that we have our spades.

We take a break in the hammock, then go on a little stroll on the beach. At the campfire we observe the approaching full moon and listen to the nearby Indian Ocean. Whilst the holidays in South Africa didn’t yet start, this is a really beautiful secluded place and we can’t hear and see anything from the neighbours.

Km 106, 6 hours, sunny to cloudy,
Camping 200 Meticais in the Maputo Elephant Reserve, Milibangalala Camp Site No 6
Admission Met 600 (200, 200, 200 for the car)

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Next day - Maputo Elephant Reserve  - Images Maputo Elephant Reserve

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