Thursday, 27 January 2011

27.1.2011 To Germany via Abu Dhabi

While preparing our next journey, we are heading to Germany to see friends and family for a few days. I didn’t see my 88 years old mom for two years and nobody knows, when we will be back “from the jungle” of Central Africa….  
We booked quite cheap flights with ETIHAD Airways, the National Airline of the United Arab Emirates, worlds leading airline since 2009. After flying with South African Airways, Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa in the last years, we expected nothing worldshaking. But we were pleasantly surprised. Extrem cordially and friendly staff, very god food, excellent organisation. 
We started at 10:40 in Cape Town, the airplane quite empty until we reached Joburg. Although less than an hour in the air, we received a “sandwich”, a mixture between wrap and springroll with a delicate filling. Aaah, I like the arabian cusine! In Joburg again we were lucky, only few other guests did get on the plane and we could spread ourselves in a window and a middle row of the in the posterior part of the plane. Where the seats were sufficiently far apart…..
Before starting the crew offered us water, than juices, some snacks again, than came Dinner:
Chicken tandoori breast on three bean salad
Chicken breasst Tikka
or grilled Hake fish fillet
or Penne pasta in creamy sauce, for which I decided,  for desert, served with Americano, Cappucino, Espresso, Hot Chocolate or Tea reached us a warm Apple and raisin crumble which was fingerlicking good.   
With an a generously poured Wodka and Orange, a propper filled belly and a good film on the screen in front of us, we slept until we had to get off at Abu Dhabi around midnight. With only 2 hours to go we couldn’t see the town, bute we felt the rhythm and the heat of the desert night. The language, the temperament, the beautiful women, the arabian flair, we sat an hour and wtched the peole, before we checked in for the second part of the flight. 
Abu Dhabi is now on our to do list for future travel destinations. Did I mention the cute arabian Oryx, which I discovered in the meantime?     
The night was quick over, again we had space to lie in a 4 seater row and could sleep, again a delicoius “arabic sandwich” and an unfortunatly early breakfast (3:30) where again we could choose À la Carte. At 5:30, one hour before our estimated landing time (we started also one hour earlier), we landed safe in Frankfurt and after a heartily greeting from the crew we headed into a cold, grey and winterly town with 0°. 

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Amazing makeover

In June 2012 we added another Echo 1 4x4 offroad trailer to our "fleet". In the same time as we equipped it, we did go through a whole bunch of upgrades and I also uptated the website. Ouh. Only 10 month in the business and a makeover needed?

Next to change was our old Echo 1 offroad trailer. The new Echo 1 trailer has a 4 drawer system. Clever. Our Echo 3 trailer  had a 4 drawer system, it was space consuming, as there is the kitchen + 4 more drawers on the backside, so we took that out and builded it in our old Echo 1. Finally there's more space in the Echo 3 trailer and the old and the new Echo 1 trailer are of the same layout and value. 

We equipped our new Echo 1 trailer, in the meantime we adjusted the equipment in all 4 trailers. After three more days of work, four blinking trailers were ready for pick up for the winter holidays. Two more days and the website is up-to-date and booking forms and equipement lists can now be downloaded.

Finally I added a section Customers adventures. If you have any story or pictures of you and one of our trailers, let us know.

Echo 3 trailer at Africa Burn

Mudslinging at the Africa Burn? Lions in the camp at Kgalagadi? Write us and I will publish your story here!

Lions in the camp at Mabuasehube Campsite

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Where's the adventure? Lets go!
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